About me

About me

Educational Background

During my studies of educational sciences, my focus was on social pedagogy, women’s education and adult education. I was very pleased to have the opportunity to write my master thesis about Authentic Movement. For my second degree, in psychology, I wrote my master thesis on “Emotional Intelligence and Quality of Life” by order of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Zapotoczky and with the support of the institution “Psychosoziales Zentrum Graz Ost”.

Next, I completed my education as a psychotherapist (transaction analysis). In addition, I learned the movement therapeutic approach Authentic Movement in Vienna from Soraya Jorge, Guto Mazedo and Clarissa and Isaias Costa. Moreover, I specialised in hypnosystemic approaches, women-centered psychotherapy and spirituality in the context of psychotherapy.

Currently, I am being trained to become a teacher of transaction analysis at the Vienna Institute for Transactional Analysis “Wiener Institut für Transaktionsanalyse” that offers psychotherapeutic training in Vienna and Graz.

Professional Experience

For a solid foundation of my activities as an independent professional, it was essential for me to gain various practical experiences in the psychiatric and psychosocial fields. My first professional experiences date back to my activities in educating assistance and assisted living services for handicapped people. Further career steps were my activities in the psychosocial centre in Hartberg, the private clinic for psychiatric rehabilitation in St. Radegund, and finally I worked for the Aloisianum, a community for alcoholics motivated to sustain abstinence, run by the Austrian Catholic church-based organisation “Caritas Graz”. Since 2009 I have been working as a psychotherapist in independent practice. I regard these multi-faceted experiences with clients, different conditions and valuable feedback from my colleagues as key factors in my professional development.

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