For people working in the psychosocial field, it is customary and often also obligatory to reflect their own practice or training through supervision. In my view, supervision is a tool for quality assurance and mental hygiene. It benefits not only the clients but also the health of the individual or group who seeks the support through supervision.

The techniques I use during supervision are transaction analysis, hypnotherapy and Authentic Movement. Also in this context, I offer feedback and suggestions but above all I give support in finding your own solutions and answers. By way of linking one’s own professional context with one’s personality and history, blind spots are brought to the conscious mind, perspectives about persons or situations are expanded and new access to resources is found.

In our teamwork, a positive error culture is fostered, and therefore it is acknowledged that all people make mistakes which are important as a basis for development and learning. This makes it possible to disperse fears to acknowledge uncertainties and lack of clarity in front of others. Instead, a picture of colourful strengths, resources and fields of learning emerges. It can lead a team towards mutual respect and support in order to grow in the often difficult psychosocial fields of work.


I offer supervision in a single and group setting. In the single setting, I usually suggest one consultation (45 minutes) per month and charge EUR 100. With groups or teams, the exact plan strongly depends on the issues to be dealt with and on the number of people involved. In this case my fee is EUR 140 per session.

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