Authentic Movement

Authentic movement
Authentic Movement is a movement therapy founded in the first half of the 20th century by Mary Starks Whitehouse. She was a dancer and dance teacher but gradually became more and more involved with C.G. Jung’s thoughts. Eventually, she combined both life experiences to create Authentic Movement.

I myself came in contact with Authentic Movement in 1998 and was immediately fascinated by the clarity and depth of the approach. As a result, I wrote my master thesis at the department for educational sciences of the University of Graz about Authentic Movement and afterwards continued to deepen my knowledge about it. Now I am offering this method as part of my services in single or group settings, as well as part of psychotherapy and also in its “pure” form. As a stand-alone method, Authentic Movement can be used for building self-awareness, for supervision, as a spiritual technique and in artistic contexts.

The central element of Authentic Movement is movement with closed eyes without music. Movements are allowed to emerge from one’s inner self and the unconscious can express itself directly through the body. Possible ways of expression range from expansive movements to pausing, from encounters (with people, walls, blankets, etc.) to sound production such as humming or knocking. There is no right or wrong. Individuals willing to engage in this deep experience are called “movers.”

A contained and safe space for movement is assured by the simple style and the non-judgmental presence by “witnesses.” The witnesses participate in the session with all their senses and also are aware of their own impulses. In groups, the participants are able to experience both roles. Afterwards, a clearly structured framework for exchange is provided. This exchange supports the participants in distinguishing between sensual perceptions, emotions and interpretations. Particular attention is given to the boundary between thine and mine. This provides best possible protection and a broad field for personal development.

To those people who dare to engage in this fascinating practice, Authentic Movement offers a deep experience. Practice provides a constantly deepening access to the human soul. The positive experience with the external witness and his/her non-judgmental and supportive attitude leads to the development of an internal witness who from now on continues to accompany the participant’s everyday life just as attentively. The confidence in one’s own development processes grows and the clarity of internal and external communication increases. The encounter experiences gained from the movement sessions support the shaping of relationships and recognizing one’s own needs. This only partly reflects the feedback of people who decided to practice Authentic Movement on a long-term basis.

You can also experience Authentic Movement in the single setting. In this case, you are the mover and I am available for you to act as your witness. When you opt for group practice, I will soon introduce you to both roles. Depending on your personal preferences, you can combine single and group practice or stick with one of the two options. You can decide to use Authentic Movement as a technique in the context of traditional psychotherapy, couple counselling or supervision.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to receive information about Authentic Movement sessions offered in the group setting.


For Authentic Movement I charge EUR 70 per unit (50 minutes in the single setting). Pricing for group settings depend on the current offer.

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