How I work

How I work
“I am OK – You are OK.” (Eric Berne, founder of transaction analysis)

This simple sentence is the basic principle of my work which is characterized by benevolent interaction with others. Every human being is basically acceptable and valuable, even when he or she is not fully aware of it. For this reason, I do not see myself as somebody who has the right to give advice to people. Instead, with my questions and feedback, I would like to encourage you to find your individual solutions for your life. You are your own specialist while I lend you support with my expertise and experience. This combination can create a good foundation to successfully tackle your individual challenges.

It implies that you, with my support, will make your own decisions during the therapy process and assume responsibility for it. This starts with the elaboration of clear-cut goals which form the central theme throughout the therapy process, and deciding about therapy duration and frequency until the end of our cooperation.

Psychotherapy is a continuous process which unfolds against the backdrop of an appreciative relationship. An important part of the developmental process takes place outside the sessions in the form of retrospective sensations, observation and testing of new ways of behaviour in everyday life. It is precisely outside the sessions where achievement of goals can be evaluated and when success is reflected in tangible changes.

When the change process is completed, it is also beneficial to loosen our relationship consciously and at your own speed. This reinforces the awareness for your own capabilities and additionally gives support by having made a positive relationship experience.

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