Group therapy

Group psychotherapy is a particular therapeutic setting in which several individuals (six to twelve) deal with their respective challenges together. There are several advantages:

  • the treatment is less expensive;
  • it is a very relieving experience to find one’s own challenges are being shared with others;
  • it is possible to learn from each other;
  • other individuals dealing with similar challenges bring completely new perspectives to an issue;
  • social contacts and networking opportunities outside the therapy sessions may develop.

When offering group sessions, I will make an announcement on my website, also via the association “Steirischer Landesverband für Psychotherapie” and via the web portal Psyonline. Currently I am planning a group for elderly people, with which I would like to begin in autumn 2015. I am happily accepting questions regarding your specific group request.


On the one hand the cost of therapy groups can be met by the association “Netzwerk Psychotherapie Steiermark” in the form of fully funded sessions paid for by an Austrian Social Security provider. On the other hand you can pay for the therapy sessions upfront and, if applicable, claim the money back from your Social Security provider. Clients insured with an Austrian Social Security Provider will usually be reimbursed EUR 7.27 for a 90-minutes psychotherapy session, only clients insured with the Austrian Social Security Provider for public servants (Versicherungsanstalt öffentlich Bediensteter) will be reimbursed EUR 13.34. Relevant price information for group sessions will be posted accordingly.

In the case of a medical treatment, it also applies to group therapy sessions that you need to provide a document issued by your general practitioner certifying that you were examined before undergoing ambulant psychotherapy, called “Bestätigung über eine ärztliche Untersuchung vor Inanspruchnahme einer ambulanten Psychotherapie”. The 48-hours-rule also applies in this context: For therapy sessions canceled with less than 48 hours notice, you will be billed for one half session.

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